· Statistics research at Bell Labs is part of Mathematical Sciences research, and also part of Computer Science research via a "dotted-line" relation. Our tradition of fundamental research driven by real-world applications goes back to Walter Shewhart and John Tukey. Today, by continuing to focus on data from a host of challenging applications, we are working on new ways to think about, look at, and compute with data.

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· Technical Reports. Recent papers cover distributed computing, network traffic analysis, fraud detection and model selection.
· Some Projects. Our work ranges from pure methodology to application-driven research.
· Software. Our contributions continue in the tradition that produced the S language, combining fundamental research with application software.

Forty Years of Statistical Computing and Beyond:
A Workshop in Honor of John M. Chambers

· John M. Chambers speaking
· Bell Labs hosted this one-day workshop where many of John's past and present collaborators and friends joined us to recognize his contributions and leadership in statistical computing.
A Tribute to John W. Tukey
· You are invited to add to our site honoring John and his tremendous contributions to science.


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· Communications and Statistical Sciences Research Department
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Bell Laboratories
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